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Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

3 John 2

At its core, to enjoy true Biblical Health, we must focus on:

  1. Breathing clean air
  2. Consuming pure food and water
  3. Exercising regularly
  4. Praying, meditating and maintaining a positive mindset
  5. Supplement nutrition with natural, whole food based products
  6. Taking advantage of natural therapies like chiropractic
  7. Utilizing natural remedies like essential oils

Our marvelous Creator has provided us with everything that we need to enjoy abundant life. As Scripture says, “God’s divine power has given us EVERYTHING we need for life and for godliness,” and this includes Biblical health! (2 Peter 1:3).

5 Top Immune System Killers

5 Immune System Killers

Our immune system maintains incredibly detailed processes that doctors and scientists don’t yet fully understand. When operating at its peak performance, it can pinpoint and remove risks to wellness, recognize and imitate ...


Are You Using Toxic Cookware?

Since the early 1960s, non-stick cookware has been welcomed enthusiastically around the world. In 1964, Mirro Aluminum Company’s advertising literally claimed that Teflon was a miracle. The craze started with ads like ...

5 Green Superfoods for Top Nutrition

5 Green Superfoods For Top Nutrition

We’ve all heard about green Superfoods and how good they are for us. They’re the main ingredients in healthy energy bars, pre-made smoothie powders and even gluten-free cereals! Don’t be misled ...

Why I Do Not Eat Shellfish

Why I Do Not Eat Shellfish

A Guest Post by: Dr. David Jockers People are always asking me about the safety or dangers involving shellfish consumption. My parents raised me following many Jewish traditions and so I personally ...

Hot Peppers are Healthy Peppers

HOT Peppers Are Healthy Peppers!

  On August 27, 2012 PuckerButt Pepper Company, a manufacturer and distributor of all natural chili pepper products and seeds, announced the debut of the world’s hottest pepper: Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina ...

Why Pork is Bad for You

Why Pork is Bad for You

A Guest Post by: Dr. David Jockers People always ask me about the safety or cautionary wisdom to take when eating pork and other pig products. I was raised following many ...

Top Risks of Taking Birth Control

Top 5 Risks of Taking Birth Control

In this article you will learn: Current Up-To-Date News Top 5 Risks of Taking Birth Control Whenever the topic of birth control is brought up on a statewide or national level, ...

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