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DIY Recipes

DIY Anxiety Spray for Dogs

Does your dog get the blues when you leave him home alone?  This DIY Anxiety Spray for Dogs is perfect to help them relax while you are out of the house.  ...

DIY Essential Oil Allergy Remedy

Essential Oil Blend for Allergies

Whether your allergies are caused by airborne pollens, food sensitivities, or toxins from the environment, the reaction is a histamine response and often causes inflammation. Using an essential oil blend for allergies ...

Essential Oil Mosquito Repellant Recipe

Essential Oil Mosquito Repellant

Compared to conventional products that contain DEET, there's no question that essential oil mosquito repellants are safer. In fact, they are infinitely safer! The primary ingredients – malathion, DEET and permethrin ...

essential oil neuropathy blend

Diabetic Neuropathy Massage Oil

Many diabetics suffer from neuropathy and I'm asked a lot about essential oils for neuropathy. This blend is great for combatting these painful symptoms and the light massage used to apply ...

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