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Lemon Powered Odor-Eating Powder

Lemon Powered Odor-Eating Powder

  It can be hard to get rid of nasty odors. Whether they're embedded in the carpet, the kitchen drain, or your kid's softball cleats! You don't want to use chemicals, ...

Emotional Detoxification Inhaler with Essential Oils

Emotional Detoxification Inhaler

I find it rather surprising that no one seems to talk about emotional detoxification more. Both positive and negative emotional are important and part of being human, but when we can’t manage them ...

DIY Essential Oil Sugar Scrub Recipe

Making your own essential oil sugar scrub is fun and simple. It makes great gifts and takes only a few household ingredients. The scent combinations are limitless… just use your own ...

Essential Oils for Gut Health Roll-on Blend

Gut Health Roll-On for Nausea

We've talked a lot about essential oils for gut health in my book Heal your Gut with Essential Oils and in my Heal Your Gut Summit. Still, I regularly get questions from ...

DIY Essential Oil Lip Balm Recipe

A good lip balm can be pretty pricey in the store, and while you can read the ingredients on the package, you never know what quality those ingredients are. Making your ...

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