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I've spent years researching essential oils, creating 100+ public health reports for individual oils and their uses, writing detailed articles on health conditions and irritations and the powerful oils that offer relief and healing to our bodies. My wife and I have teamed up to bring you 60+ DIY recipes for everything from household cleaners to beauty products and pet hygiene that will help you rid your life and home of toxins...

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3) You'll have all the recipes that you'll need to replace all those toxic cleaners in your home with DIY essential oil goodness!

4) It's non-branded, so no matter which oil company is your favorite, the information contained in my database applies. 

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Founder of the Essential Oils Revolution summits that have reached more than 265,000 people across the globe, Dr. Eric Zielinski is a formally trained public health researcher and aromatherapist that has created the most extensive Biblical Health database on the Internet. His website DrEricZ.com is visited by hundreds of thousands of natural health-seekers every month, and he has rapidly become the go-to resource for essential oils education and spiritual inspiration through social media. 
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