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Essential Oil Ant and Wasp Killer

Essential Oil Ant Killer
When you're out working in the garden and you get stung by a red ant or wasp, it really makes the rest of the day miserable! And the trouble is, it's hard to find an ant killer that won't harm the beneficial insects you actually want to have in your garden, or leach chemicals into the soil, which will then end up in your food. This essential oil ant killer is what I like to use for both red ants and wasps. I have found it to be effective and I love knowing that the ingredients are safe for my family, and the many critters that frequent my garden.

Make Your Own Essential Oil Ant Killer for Red Ants and Wasps

Get ready to say goodbye to those pesky red ants and wasps! These natural ingredients are probably already in your cabinet and essential oil collection!

Essential Oil Ant and Wasp Killer
  1. Mix soap and EOs in bucket and pour in water.
  2. Pour entire contents to saturate ground where you see the ants or where the wasp hive is.
  3. Wait one week until next application.


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  1. Glenda Beckham
    June 2, 2017

    Will this recipe also kill those pesty little black ants that invade your home every spring? They get in everything too. I have to be careful what I use inside & outside because of my little babies (tiny dogs) & my cats. I know I can’t use tea tree or peppermint around them. Is citrus oils ok to use? If this recipe won’t work on the little black ants do you know what will? Do you have anything that will work for mice? I live in the country and have problems with them coming in from the fields. I can’t use poisons because of the babies. Love your blog and all the recipes. I hope you can give me some ideas. Thank you & God bless.

    • Dr. Z
      June 2, 2017

      Hi Glenda,

      Yes, we use this recipe for black ants. Just be sure to not let the kiddos and pets come near it for a few hours after application.

      Peppermint is the go-to for mice. Simply apply a few drops on a cotton swap a couple times a month and place a few near their entry point(s).



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