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Finding Peace In The Storm | Episode #011


Finding Peace In The Storm

In this podcast, my special guest, Patty Kyle, and I are going to be talking about finding peace in the midst of disease. I want to encourage you to know that whatever you are dealing with, whether it's cancer, whether it's heart disease, whether it's diabetes, whatever you might be dealing with – even if its bankruptcy, even if it's a divorce, whatever it might be, just know that His perfect peace will keep you.

About Patty Kyle

patty kylePatty Kyle is a beloved child of God, wife, mother, and professional speech language pathologist. She and her husband Kirk live in Texas. They've been married 23 years and have three children.

In 2012, Patty was diagnosed with invasive duct cell carcinoma and underwent surgery and treatment. Since that time, God has been using her to bless and encourage others by allowing her to share her story. Her book, titled His Perfect Peace is a collection of journals revealing her personal and very intimate journey with God and others throughout her battle. You can find out more about her at

Show Notes

  • 0:40 Patty Kyle's background
  • 3:25 What approaching cancer God's way meant personally for Patty
  • 4:37 The mental, emotional, spiritual struggles that Patty endured after her diagnosis
  • 8:08 How Patty chose to proceed in hope despite the dismal prognosis from the oncologist
  • 11:42 How to stay rooted and grounded in the Lord in times of fear, doubt, and unbelief
  • 14:15 Hear an excerpt straight from Patty's book His Perfect Peace and learn why it is so important to her to share her experience with others
  • 16:26 Why Patty did not experience a crisis of faith throughout her journey
  • 18:43 God's Word, man's will to choose, and how what's easy is not always
  • what's best
  • 20:34 Learn about Patty's lifestyle and health status before her caner diagnosis
  • 24:48 How to strive for health even when living in a toxic world
  • 26:36 Discover the natural remedies that Patty used to combat the side effects of chemotherapy
  • 31:10 Why utilizing essential oils and other natural therapies conventional therapies is so critical
  • 33:20 Patty's parting words of hope and encouragement

Listen to Episode #011 Here!



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