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All Natural Weed Killer

All Natural Weed Killer with Essential Oils

Most of the time when we're gardening we just pull the weeds because the soil is soft and we don't want to risk spraying our precious plants with something that might kill them, even if the spray is all natural. But when it comes to the pesky weeds coming up in the sidewalk, edging, and fence rows? I like to use my all natural weed killer spray made with essential oils!

This spray does a great job of killing the stubborn weeds that can make your yard look untidy. But beware, it works so well that it will kill most anything, so don't spray it on or near plants you're wanting to keep!

How to Make Your Own All Natural Weed Killer with Essential Oils

All Natural Weed Killer
  1. First put EOs and soap in bottle and mix
  2. Next, pour in vinegar.
  3. Tighten lid and shake vigorously.
  4. Spray on weeds as needed.
Be careful because this will kill neighboring plants so try not to spray on anything you want to live.


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  1. Jennifer | www.feastingonjoy.com
    June 6, 2017

    Boy do I need this right now. I am going to make up a batch tomorrow and spray it on the weeds that are overtaking my orchard. Thank you so much! Blessings, Jennifer


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