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How To Make Mulled Cider

How To Make Mulled Cider

You'll enjoy this mulled cider as a refreshing drink on a crisp fall day. You can make this ahead of time and freeze it. Then when you're ready to serve it, simply defrost, warm, and serve.

Have some extra apples? Try this Gluten-free Apple Crisp.

Mulled Cider Recipe

Mulled Cider
Recipe type: Beverage
  1. Pour the juice into a large pot.
  2. Place the Organic Cider Mate Mulling Spice and cinnamon sticks into a tea bag.
  3. Add the teabag to the pot.

Let me know how you like it!

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  1. Isabel
    November 15, 2016

    Where can I buy Organic Cider Mate Mulling Spice in the wb because i ma from Chile

    Thanks a lot

  2. Beth
    October 4, 2016

    Hi Mama Z, I was wondering what you meant by freshly pressed Cider, do you mean fresh apple juice or fermented apple juice as in cider vinegar. Many thanks for all your neat recipes etc.

    • Dr. Z
      October 4, 2016

      Hi Beth,

      Have you ever been to an apple orchard during Autumn? They all sell freshly pressed cider. Kinda of like apple juice, but it’s not processed the same way. The apples are crushed and the left over “juice” / cider is delicious. Mama Z’s dad actually makes it at home. Yummy!

      • Beth
        October 8, 2016

        Thanks Dr Z, Yes that is what I make with our own apples, I made 50 lt last season.

        • Dr. Z
          October 9, 2016

          Wow, that’s awesome! Yummy!


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