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How To Grow Herbs | Window Sill Gardening Part 1

how to grow herbs

How to Grow Herbs

Yes, you can grow herbs on your window sill in your kitchen or another place in your house. Window sills are a great place to start plants that you'll later move outdoors. In this video I talk about lighting, and how to grow herbs. My 3 favorite herbs to grow indoors with window sill gardening in containers are:

  1. basil
  2. thyme 
  3. parsley

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  1. Jeff Wolf
    August 21, 2016

    isn’t it far easier to add a small air stone and small pump than every day fresh water. and 80 % peoples water is tap and full of chlorine and fluoride along with other toxic things for growing plants, and also much of the US is in drought so wasting daily water not good idea either?


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