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Our guest is a cancer survivor that was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was a young girl. Her mother started doing research and kept coming across frankincense oil; so they tried it. She is no longer has any side effects from her brain tumor, and gives essential oils credit for being able to live the life she has!

As a registered dietician, her professional background has been in nutrition. In her words, “I definitely have a love for the plant-based lifestyle. I started using natural medicine a few years ago and just absolutely fell in love with it. It saved my life. And I now teach and educate people on living a lifestyle of plant-based medicine and plant-based diet.”

Welcome to the first episode of Biblical Health Radio! My guest today is cancer survivor. You are in for a treat because she has a rich story. Our guest comes with a lot of passion. She's simply fun, magnetic! You're going to LOVE this conversation! Please leave a comment below, and be sure to subscribe to my iTunes podcast here!

Show Notes

  • 3:50 What the Journal of Biomed Research International had to say about essential oils as an adjunct therapy to cancer treatments
  • 7:30 The medical miracles that people have experienced using frankincense essential oil, including its medicinal effect on a household pet
  • 10:20 The horrible disease she was diagnosed with as a child and the unconventional measures her family took to get her back on the path to wellness
  • 14:23 Practical applications for using frankincense essential oil, and the other essential oils that address cancer naturally
  • 17:20 Her recent diagnosis regarding her childhood tumor
  • 20:13 How her outlook on life was dramatically changed by her experience, and what she wholeheartedly credits to this day for saving her life

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