It’s hard to believe that I have gone from needing so many medications and having radiation and chemo and everything else to having just my essential oils and not needing anything else. And my oncologist is totally floored by it.

Yvonne R.

Even though lung cancer accounts for only 15% of all newly-diagnosed cancers in America, it is the leading cause of cancer death in both U.S. men and women. (source) About 160,000 patients die from lung cancer each year, making it more deadly than breast, colon and prostate cancers combined.

Sadly, our friend Yvonne was diagnosed with one of the most deadly forms last year until she decided to Beat Cancer God's Way with essential oils and faith in God's promise to heal her!

Once the decision was made, her health started to dramatically improve. Still not completely in “remission,” Yvonne's tumors have disappeared, her total body cancer levels are plummeting, she is gaining weight and is filled with hope, encouragement and has “beat” cancer in every sense of the word!

About Scott & Yvonne

What can happen to a person in 8 months? More than you can imagine!

Yvone had Stage four non-small cell lung cancer and she's beating it God's way with essential oils.

These before and after cancer diagnosis pictures tell it all. In June 2016, Yvonne felt great, living the American dream with the love of her life, raising her beautiful 15-year old daughter and running thriving insurance business. Just a few weeks later, life took a turn for the worse…

Coughing up blood during a family vacation in July, Yvonne went to the hospital only to learn that she had Stage IV non-small cell lung cancer. Immediately afterwards, her entire life fell into a downward spiral.

Metastasizing quickly into her brain, throughout spine and entire body, she was literally on death's door by December when her oncologist stopped medical treatments because her platelet levels were too low (down to 9) and white blood count to 0.5. The medical treatments weren't working!

Her oncologist didn't want to tell her that she was dying so they broke the news to her husband Scott, and asked him to relay the message. Telling her to do whatever she could do to stay alive, they didn't give up. “This is when we took matters into our own hands,” as Scott tells us in our interview.

With hope that could only birthed in faith in the healing power of God, Scott & Yvonne did the only thing they knew to do. Applying frankincense, myrrh and lemongrass over her body up to 7 times a day, Yvonne's golf ball-sized tumor on her neck had disappeared by February 2017. Not even able to drink juice, all she could stomach was broth and she lost 50 pounds and her oncologist was floored because she was completely off of chemotherapy for more than 2 months. Nothing could account for her tumor shrinkage other than prayer and essential oil therapy.

Today, Yvonne is still using essential oils regularly. Her oncologist recently added immunotherapy and her total body cancer levels are decreasing. She's walking again, her eyesight has restored and she's on the road to recovery! Hallelujah!

This is a story of love, bravery, positive thinking, hope and undying faith in the healing power and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Please note that Scott and Yvonne didn't follow a set protocol when treating cancer. They applied frankincense, myrrh and lemongrass over her tumors sometimes up to seven times a day. This is what she mentioned during our interview – doing whatever they thought was best, and remembered to do, taking each day by day.

Several people have asked for more details, but they are not available.

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Show Notes

  • 4:59 Yvonne's story
  • 9:41 What do you do when the love of your life is battling cancer?
  • 17:22 How to forgive yourself and God for letting cancer (and other tragedies) to happen.
  • 17:51 Successful marriages – one partner being strong when the other is weak.
  • 18:44 Inspirational for those battling cancer or any kind of illnesses.
  • 22:52 Biochemical individuality – what work for one person does not guarantee it work for another.
  • 24:56 Diet as a therapy.
  • 27:51 Potential role essential oils can play in cancer scenarios.
  • 33:55 Next step(s) in getting forward with life.
  • 41:44 Power of having a support system.
  • 43:25 Parting message of hope and encouragement.
  • 44:47 Special verse from Romans Chapter 5.

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