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From tiny little buzzing gnats to blood sucking mosquitos, some insects can really take the joy out of gardening. And who wants to use toxic sprays and repellents that seep into your skin? Not me! This is my all natural solution, an essential oil bug spray for gardeners!

Ready to Make Your Own Essential Oil Bug Spray?

And it's not just good for gardeners. This spray is safe for the whole family and great for anytime you're outside!

If you're looking for a spray specifically formulated for mosquitos, check out my DIY mosquito repellent. It's a little stronger and I go into detail about why natural mosquito repellents aren't a one-size-fits-all and how you can customize your spray to work for you!

Gardener's Essential Oil Bug Spray
  1. Mix essential oils, aloe and witch hazel in spray bottle.
  2. Add carrier oil.
  3. Fasten lid and shake vigorously
  4. Spray onto arms and legs and spread throughout body for working into the garden
Alternatively, you can use 4 drops each of clove, lemon, and orange essential oils.


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