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Hello, everyone! Dr. Eric Zielinski here with my wife Sabrina, aka Mama Z. I am excited, tickled pink in fact, to be featuring a three -maybe four- part series. In this part one of the Q&A, we're going to be talking about some really, really brilliant questions that some of our followers asked us. And we're going to talk a considerable amount of time about brands.

We've got a lot of questions and a lot of information to share. Don't worry. You can come back. Share it with some family and some loved ones because this is great information, especially for you essential oil enthusiasts out there. A lot of this information is already on my essential oils database. I share a weekly newsletter, my essential oils database newsletter, where we share some of the most up to date, practical, safe guidelines in how to use essential oils.

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  • 0:48 Facebook Live? Why not?!
  • 3:56 Join in on the Facebook Live Essential Oils Q&A, Part 1!
  • 6:15 Learn where to sign up for Dr. Z's essential oil newsletter
  • 7:53 Is it possible to build up a tolerance to essential oils?
  • 11:36 Why mixing things up, whether it be essential oils or even food, is good for you
  • 12:51 Sabrina shares her story of how she got started with essential oils in her teenage years
  • 15:21 Eric responds the one question that he receives daily on social media and his website
  • 20:53 Eric touches on the Now brand of essential oils
  • 21:40 Can price indicate quality in the essential oils worlds?
  • 23:21 Episode wrap-up

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You can watch all 3 parts of the Essential Oils Questions and Answers – about the basics, body care, DIY, health conditions, and more in this video:

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