My husband, Dr. Z, put together this essential oils for immune system boosting shot and the kids love it! It is perfect to use when you sense a cold coming on, or as a preventative. When our bodies are stressed during weather changes, family vacations or during a time you are exposed to crowds of people carrying germs, it is a good thing to keep your immune system in mind. By taking this immune boosting shot, you can help keep away those pesky viruses.

DIY Essential Oils for Immune System Boosting Shot

Who will complain about taking a dose of delicious raw honey in the morning? Plus, I love some pumpkin spice – it gives the immune boosting juice recipe shot a nice flavor.

When it comes to dosage and practical advice, keep in mind that you don't want to develop resistance and you never want to do anything every single day. Think in terms of the seasons created by God, and how all our produce is not naturally available year round.

When I took antibiotics because I came down with a horrible case of pneumonia that nothing natural could knock it out, I did this:

  1. I took my essential oils for immune boosting juice recipe shot twice a day starting a few days before and then for a week after.
  2. I applied the essential oils for immune system blend listed below on my feet (diluted with a carrier oil)
  3. I made sure I diffused sleepy time oils (lavender, chamomile, etc…) to get a good night’s sleep.
  4. I oil pulled every day with this essential oils for immune system blend.
  5. I loaded up on multi-strain probiotics.
  6. I didn’t eat meat for a couple weeks to give my digestive system a break.
  7. And I drank lots of freshly squeezed, nutrient dense juice.

Vitamin C Supplements

The key to my Immune Boosting Shot is the liposomal vitamin C. It acts as a fantastic essential oil carrier, and is one of the most powerful nutrients on the planet. A potent antioxidant, you're literally wasting your money with most multivitamins and over-the-counter vitamin C supplements. Here are three reasons why.

First off, to cut costs many manufacturers source inferior ingredients from oversees and fill their product with artificial fillers and flavorings to make them more enjoyable to consume.

Secondly, there’s the issue of absorption. Due to poor quality ingredients and a disregard to bioavailability, it it is virtually impossible to absorb conventional, synthetic oral Vitamin C supplements. In fact, some reports claim that you're only getting 15% of the dose! (source, source).

Third, because of inferior ingredients and other manufacturing concerns, digestive issues are also common. Ascorbic acid (the supplement form of Vitamin C) contains a low pH and, when not treated properly, can lead to stomach issues such as cramping and diarrhea. (source)

Bottom line: a vast majority of vitamin C supplements you see on the market are glorified sugar pills!

Liposomal Vitamin C

The vitamin C that I took when I had pneumonia was encapsulated into tiny, nano-sized micelles which are further enveloped into healthy fat cells (i.e. “liposomes”). As the liposomes travel through your gastrointestinal track, they gradually peel away in a controlled manner. This is because the protective liposomes protect the vitamin C from gastric juices and other absorption barriers in the human gut. The micelles are eventually released and the vitamin C (that you pay good money for) is deposited near the gut where it can be fully absorbed – and not excreted and wasted!

If you're looking for a good, quality Liposomal Vitamin C, check this out product from PuraTHRIVE.

Immune Boosting Shot
Makes 1 "Shot"
  1. Mix ingrediets together in a glass bowl and enjoy twice daily at the onset of a cold, or once per day for prevention.
  2. Wash down with pure, filtered water.
  3. Be sure to not use for more than two weeks at a time.
*Immune Boost Blend:
  1. Equal parts Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Orange and Lemon Essential Oils
* This can be enjoyed straight or with a little bit of water to wash it down. Depends on your palate. 🙂

* It is not recommended to add this mixture to hot tea because this will kill the enzymes in the honey and can alter the composition of the essential oils and vitamin C. If you want to add to your tea, make sure it is cooled down to room temp.

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