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We're wrapping up a three-part series that came from a Facebook Live event we did a few weeks ago at our favorite restaurant downtown Atlanta, True Food Kitchen. This week we're wrapping up with, by far the most popular part, uses of health conditions.

We don't give protocols. We're never going to recommend that people utilize essential oils instead of medical and conventional therapy. I can't do that nor would I ever want to because I do believe that essential oils should be part of every protocol. Whether it's a medical protocol, whether it's a naturopathic protocol, whatever it might be, essential oils are just part and parcel of helping life be better. I really believe that in every area.

You're going to hear what the research shares about Parkinson's and essential oils, gut conditions, pain. We got a lot of questions about pain and inflammation. So we really just tackle that. And I'm sure we're going to have to do another Q&A maybe every month or so. We're just here to help any way that we can folks, because we recognize that we have such a gift through social media to share this message.

Show NotesDrZ_MamaZ_Headshot

  • 3:11 Karen asks, “What are the best oils for healing leaky gut?”
  • 5:08 How indigenous cultures have used oils for centuries to help their health conditions
  • 7:25 How to use essential oils for ADHD and also with fevers
  • 11:19 Essential oil therapies as a replacement for over-the-counter medications
  • 14:09 Sabrina discusses the uses of essential oils for water retention
  • 16:00 Essential oils for skin health conditions
  • 18:45 Dr. Z responds to a question about essential oils and high blood pressure
  • 19:47 Dr. Z discusses which oil is helpful for diabetes and the surprising carrier ingredient that you can use with it
  • 21:00 Dr. Z responds to a question about atrial fibrillation and how essential oils can be useful for cardiovascular health conditions
  • 24:56 Sabrina explains how to store essential oils and the difference between cold diffusers and the diffusers that heat essential oils
  • 27:34 Dr. Z discusses Parkinson's disease and essential oils
  • 30:45 Sabrina dives into additional therapies for Parkinson's, including aqua fitness
  • 31:23 Learn Sabrina's recipe for oil pulling with essential oils

We've got a lot of questions and a lot of information to share. Don't worry. You can come back. Share it with some family and some loved ones because this is great information about health conditions. A lot of this information is already on my essential oils database. I also share a weekly newsletter, my essential oils database newsletter, where we share some of the most up to date, practical, safe guidelines in how to use essential oils.

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