Essential Oils

Two of the most common things that women are exposed to, stress and toxic chemicals, can trigger a hormone imbalance. Although we recommend you try to avoid toxic chemicals by creating a chemical-free home, this serum, made from essential oils to balance hormones, has been known to be a true lifesaver for PMS, mood swings, and overall hormone imbalance by balancing hormones with essential oils.

Clary Sage has been used since Medieval times to treat PMS, infertility, difficult or irregular menstrual cycles, lowered libido, and difficult menopausal symptoms like sweats and hot flashes. The lavender essential oil will promote relaxation and help you deal with any added stress caused by your hormone imbalance.

Essential Oils to Balance Hormones

After creating your Hormone Balancing Serum, massage a few drops over your thyroid and adrenals in the morning and before bed. Take a few deep breaths while you give yourself a light massage while balancing hormones with essential oils.

Hormone Balancing Serum
  1. Put essential oils in roller bottle and fill with evening primrose oil.
  2. Massage over neck (thyroid) and along lower back/over kidneys (adrenals) morning and night.