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This week you get to hear from homeopath Joette Calabrese. It's longer than my usual podcasts, and I hope you get a chance to listen to all the great information she has to share.

Joette has strong nutritional roots. And we're going to talk a lot about that today and how it all combines with gut health, with over 20 years of practicing homeopathy. She serves really a one-two punch related to food intolerances and the seemingly “unrelated” illnesses of the mind and gut.

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About Joette Calabrese

homeopath and mother

Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(NA) is a distinguished American homeopath, public speaker and author.

She began her studies in classical homeopathy in 1986 and completed her five-year degrees in the North American Homeopathic Master Clinician Course and the Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathy in Toronto.

Ms. Calabrese has been a vocal advocate for homeopathic and nutrient-dense nutrition and directs her message to mothers and grandmothers because she believes that they are the healthcare stalwarts of the family.

Because of her commitment to traditional and whole foods, she followed the principles of the international nutrition organization, Weston A. Price. Joette subsequently became a speaker for the Weston A. Price Foundation and later a member of the honorary board.

She has studied with world class homeopaths, is nationally certified by the North American Society of Homeopaths and the Council for Homeopathic Certification, studied side by side in Calcutta with the world famous team of Drs. Prasanta and Pratip Banerji, is a renowned and lively speaker, and has a widely followed blog at

Show Notes

  • 2:23 Find out how to get early bird access to the 2016 Heal Your Gut Summit
  • 3:50 Joette's background
  • 6:55 Learn why suffering is a pearl
  • 7:40 Discover how homeopathy relates to gastrointestinal issues
  • 9:38 What the word homeopathy really means
  • 12:35 How Joette raised her children without a single drug or scheduled pediatric milestone interventions and visits
  • 15:10 The normal childhood diseases that children should have
  • 16:35 Why homeopathy is really about protecting the family and protecting society
  • 19:25 How to empower moms and grandmas with homeopathy
  • 22:05 How Joette harnesses generations of knowledge from Indian homeopathic practitioners to strategically target food intolerances and overall gut health
  • 26:28 Why Joette believes that everyone should be able to eat at McDonald's
  • 27:40 How homeopathy can be effective when even the most rigorous diets (like the GAPS Diet) seems to be ineffective
  • 32:33 Jesus, the gut, and why you should be able to eat anything without allergic reactions
  • 35:27 The specific homeopathic remedies to use for a child's urinary tract infection
  • 37:35 The remedy Joette uses to open a case for someone dealing with antibiotic poisoning
  • 38:56 The exact remedy that works 80% to 85% of the time for someone with a dairy intolerance, regardless of their age
  • 41:05 Learn the 3 magic markers Joette uses to assess efficacy of any homeopathic protocol
  • 43:50 How to track and monitor health conditions for yourself and your loved ones independently of your doctor
  • 46:25 Find out how to get your free info graphic that lists the exact homeopathic remedies for common gut ailments like indigestion, food poisoning, overindulgence, food intolerances, and more
  • 47:30 Learn more about the homeopathic remedies that are effective for gas, bloating, acidity, indigestion, and overindulgence
  • 51:47 Uncover the facts about dosing and overdosing with homeopathics
  • 53:30 Joette's four aphorisms that you can implement when embarking on any health protocol
  • 57:38 The most powerful word in a person's vocabulary

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