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The Holidays CAN & SHOULD be the happiest and healthiest time of the year! In Episode #005, I discuss some of the most important details about my new book – Healthy Holidays w/Dr. Z. Specifically, I talk about the ins-and-outs of how to focus on these 5 healthy habits this Thanksgiving:

Top 5 Healthy Holiday Habits:

  1. Sit Back & Relax
  2. Boost Immunity
  3. Workout Smarter, Not Just Harder
  4. BYOF: Bring Your Own Food
  5. Be Truly Thankful!

Make this Holiday season your healthiest, happiest yet!

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To help you stay fit and healthy this Thanksgiving, I have put together a fantastic eBook filled with DIY essential oils recipes, and other Abundant Life giving tips!

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As always, my hope and prayer is that YOU and your family live the Abundant Life! Please don't forget to subscribe to my podcast below and leave a comment or two and a rating. Thanks and may you have a blessed thanksgiving!

Show Notes

  • 2:55 How holiday stress can profoundly impact your health
  • 5:05 One of the most important things not to abandon during the holidays
  • 5:28 Your recap of the top five healthy holiday habits
  • 6:58 The seven key ways to manage the holiday stress that will most likely come upon you
  • 10:03 Your number one obligation during the holidays, and beyond
  • 11:49 Specific essential oils and how to use them for managing holiday stress
  • 15:56 The natural substance that is used daily in India for its health- promoting benefits
  • 19:56 One of the top oils for boosting immunity during the holidays
  • 21:05 DIY immunity blends with ingredients you likely have in your kitchen RIGHT NOW
  • 24:00 Movement and hunger: how your exercise habits impact the hormones that regulate appetite
  • 26:47 Legal performance enhancement for athletes that you probably haven't heard about
  • 28:20 How to support recovery after intense workouts

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