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Never having been there, we have a hard time imagining what heaven will look or smell like, but every so often we come across something so beautiful, something that tastes or smells so good, that we imagine heaven must be like that, all the time.

Maybe for you it's the smell of the cookies your grandma made when you were a kid that you call your heavenly scent. I'm sure I've referred to many good scents as heavenly over the years, but right now, it's an essential oil spray recipe I've found quite by accident and there's no other way to describe it but heavenly! My wife says it smells like candy. Who doesn't want to smell like candy?

Heavenly Scent Essential Oil Spray

Citrus essential oils are always cheerful, fresh, and light. But when you combine them with a floral scent like magnolia you're in for a treat. On their own flower-oils can be overpowering. Mixed with the sweetness of a citrus oil they're simply divine.

I've used this blend as a body spray for the last couple of weeks. I've spent a lot of time traveling, attending meetings and gatherings, and everywhere I went people commented on my scent and wanted to know what it was. I've never considered my self a perfumier or aromachologist… maybe I missed my calling! You decide!

You can use this essential oil spray as a perfume or cologne, or use it to freshen a room!

Here's How to Make Your Own Heavenly Scent Spray

Heavenly Scent Essential Oil Spray
  1. Add essential oils to the bottle. Add water and shake to mix.
  2. Spritz on yourself, or in a room that needs freshening.
  3. Enjoy!


Don't Have Magnolia Essential Oil?

Try another floral! What are you drawn to? Some people really love the scent of ylang ylang, geranium, or rose. Experiment with pairing your favorite with some citrus oils and see what happens! That's how I found this blend.

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