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The title of the talk is Jason Carver's tagline on his Facebook page. And I love it. And I took it. And we talk all about it. It is “Jesus. Fitness. Love.” Those three words. And that exemplifies Jason, “Jesus. Fitness. Love.”

You're going to hear about him. You're going to hear about the blue zones, how to exercise at home, some really good home steps, how to exercise if you're elderly. What do you do if you're middle-aged. We cover all kinds of different stuff.

About Jason Carver

Jason Carver and Jesus Fitness LoveToday we're going to be chatting with a new friend of mine, Jason Carver, who is really Atlanta's premier fitness expert. The man is unbelievable with what he and his team are doing at Dream Body Inc. He is the owner at Fit Friends of Atlanta, Public Servant at The Mountain Challenge and Atlanta's Master Trainer at DreamBody Inc.

Jason gets over 100 people every week from all around the community, coming together. It's a service that he does for the community. And just that kind of little stuff, that's big in my eyes. It really is. And it's big in the eyes of anyone who has ever tried to get together anyone for exercise. It's like pulling teeth. But Jason's done it.

Check them out at Dream Body Inc. and DreamBodyAtlanta on Facebook as well.

Show Notes

  • 1:00 Dr. Z shares a little about Jason and his wonderful contributions to his local community
  • 4:59 Why Jason does what he does
  • 8:13 Jason explains how his view of fitness evolved from physical transformation to whole-person transformation
  • 9:17 Have you heard of twisted spin? Jason shares what it is and why it's exploding at Dream Body Inc.
  • 11:51 Think you don't have time for fitness? Jason shares simple strategies for incorporating fitness into your everyday life
  • 15:41 Why Blue Zoners don't exercise, but Americans need to
  • 19:12 Jason addresses the senior population about fitness, functional movement, and longevity
  • 22:40 He shares where to find him locally and online
  • 24:00 Jesus Fitness Love. What's it all about?
  • 26:22 Parting words of advice and encouragement

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