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In this podcast I'm featuring a Marriage Minute with Christian counselor, Brandon Browne, and his lovely wife, Brittany.

Are you thinking – What do finances have to do with health? What does marriage have to do with health? What does anything have to do with health? Well, they're all related!

Also, I don't want you to tune out because we're going to be talking about marriage, regardless if you're married or not.

  1. You might be recently divorced.
  2. You might be too young to be married.
  3. You might be courting.
  4. You might not want to think about marriage.

The reality is you're involved in relationships with people all around you all day long and this Marriage Minute applies to everyone. These little tips, these little secrets on how to have good healthy relationships are helpful in many situations.

About Brandon and Brittany Browne

Brandon and Brittany BrowneSince marrying in 2011, Brandon and Brittany Browne have had the dream to open a business of their own that would serve health needs in their community. By combining their fields, Mind & Body Christian Therapist Group was born. The mission of the business is to optimize mental and physical health first through counseling and massage therapy. They seek quality, efficiency, and integrity in every business decision they make and hope to help you attain your health goals.

Show Notes

  • 0:41 Dr. Z explains the significance of marriage and relationships to the abundant health life
  • 4:27 Brandon and Brittany introduce themselves and discuss their practice and how their work is different from most practices
  • 7:58 Brandon shares one of the single most important things that we can bring into our marriages to change the entire marriage climate
  • 9:42 Brittany shares her take on gratitude in marriage
  • 12:16 The importance of keeping things in perspective in the heat of the moment
  • 14:30 Learn where to connect with Brandon and Brittany, both locally and online
  • 16:15 Learn more about Brandon at

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