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There are a lot of folks out there that are looking into thyroid conditions because of unexplained symptoms: weight loss, weight gain, hormone imbalance, sleeplessness, cancer, you name it. Folks like Shannon are just a diamond in this darkness that we're dealing with. There's so much out there that people are battling. So listen to this podcast, follow Shannon and her work. She's a lovely individual, loves the Lord, and her story's pretty powerful too.

About Shannon Garrett

Shannon GarrettShe is a thyroid and autoimmune women's wellness specialist, integrative registered nurse, holistic lifestyle and wellness coach, certified nurse nutritionist, and detox specialist. That's a mouthful because she's very busy and helps a lot of people. Shannon is absolutely passionate about guiding and supporting women to discover optimal well being, mind, body, spirit, and emotions. In my opinion, most importantly, she's a Christian. She offers a unique program and VIP days specifically for autoimmune and thyroid issues. She works in tandem with your healthcare practitioner or wellness team. You can find her at

Show Notes

  • 2:37 Learn about Shannon Garrett of
  • 6:03 Shannon shares the story of her health struggles and her journey to diagnosis of Hashimoto's and other ailments
  • 9:55 Shannon delves into the emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual impacts of living with chronic disease
  • 13:59 Dr. Z and Shannon discuss why even the perfect diet and the perfect supplement regimen may not be enough
  • 19:35 Our part and God's part in our healing journey
  • 24:00 How to sift through the myriad of information out there, especially when working with a health coach is not in the budget
  • 25:56 Shannon shares her pick for an online thyroid Facebook group
  • 26:13 Discover what the top signs and symptoms of autoimmunity are

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