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I hope you enjoyed meeting my wife last week! Isn't she the best! In this episode of Biblical Health Radio, Mama Z goes a little deeper into her story, and tells us how her upbringing shaped her into the woman that she is today.

We're going to talk about how to be prepared, how to set the stage and how to even give practical tips of setting your schedule so that you're not always wondering what you're going to eat tonight. We have found, like the old military saying, proper planning prevents poor performance!

About Mama Z

DrZ_MamaZ_HeadshotI'm just so blessed and honored to be working with my wife, to call her my wife. She's one of the most talented people that I know in so many different areas. She has created just unbelievable allergy-friendly solutions, to gardening, to do-it-Yourself, and to food, specifically recipes, just based out of necessity. And she'll tell a little bit about her story and why.

For those of you who haven't, go to the Recipes tab at the top of my site, and please join her newsletter. We have weekly urban home setting tips, where she shares her allergy-friendly recipes, DIY, organic gardening and more. I really, really don't know anyone else on this planet that is as well-versed and skilled as my wife. And so, you've got it at your fingertips, folks.

Show Notes

  • 3:36 Growing up Sabrina and the nutritional legacy that her mom gave her as a child
  • 6:00 Dr. Z and Sabrina share their “standard” meals and how they vary them from week to week
  • 8:00 Practical advice for busy people who want to implement healthy meal planning
  • 10:46 Stocking your pantry and freezer so you never run out of the staple ingredients
  • 13:40 Strategic planning and creating shopping lists to maximize meal planning in five simple steps
  • 18:00 Step 6: strategies for planning and cooking ahead
  • 18:41 Sabrina shares her strategies for conquering laundry (yes, it can be done!)
  • 23:25 Dr. Z shares the secret that he's learned for managing the household when Sabrina is away for an extended period of time

Listen to Episode #023 Here!

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