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One of the reasons why it was on my heart to ask Ginelle on Biblical Health Radio was, really, quite frankly, her age. Being a young woman focused on Biblical health is really rare, unfortunately. It shouldn't be. It really shouldn't be. We should be seeing more Christian young people focused on health.

Let's really attract the young crew, everyone from high school, middle school, all the way up to college. And for those parents listening, just recognize that we can and need to reach our kids, not only for Christ; but for their health. It's so critical that we help them live the abundant life as early as possible.

About Ginelle Ruffa

Ginelle Ruffa, young people focused on healthGinelle Ruffa is a 22 year old powerhouse for Christ. A senior in college, studying pre-med with aspirations to becoming a doctor of natural medicine, she is on fire for Jesus and for Biblical Health. Tune in as Ginelle will inspire more young people focused on health to live their best for the Lord!

Show Notes

  • 6:00 Ginelle shares what inspired her passion for Biblical health and the precise age when her passion was ignited [Listen to her mother's story in episode #016]
  • 9:25 Learn about the factors that contributed to Ginelle's dietary and lifestyle choices that still carry her through to this day
  • 11:45 Ginelle explains that Biblical health is one of satisfaction, not sacrifice
  • 14:25 Safeguards, temptation, and accountability
  • 17:13 Ginelle's journey with healthy eating, legalism, and rigidity
  • 21:04 Learn about one of Eric's bad experiences eating Thanksgiving meal at a family member's house
  • 22:29 Discover the single greatest and most profound lesson that Ginelle has learned in her Biblical Health Journey
  • 25:00 The biggest obstacle facing this generation and how to overcome it using Biblical principles
  • 28:42 How to foster healthy habits in youth before things get out of control
  • 34:05 Ginelle's message to her generation

Listen to Episode #015 Here!

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