Your tomato and pepper plants are thriving and getting so tall, and then suddenly, they've fallen over onto the ground and they look terrible. We've all been there. Its sad, and once the plant is that big there's not much you can do about it. This year, get ahead of the game by staking your tomatoes and peppers.

Using Bamboo Poles for Staking Tomatoes and Peppers

My favorite way to train tomato and pepper plants is to use bamboo stakes. These all natural sticks are so much better than metal rods or stakes because they don't get blistering hot in the summer and burn your plants. They're also a renewable resource, compostable, and affordable. I buy the long ones and cut them in half because they're cheaper than buying them already cut. I also like these little re-useable velcro ties for holding the plant's stem to the stake.

Check Out My Video Tutorial for Staking Tomatoes!

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