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Since starting this Biblical health website in August 2014, I've received emails from people all across the globe thanking me for my ministry and asking me how they could help support my work. Back then, it was just me, Mama Z and a 1 part-time contractor who helped with some tech issues. Our blog consistent of a sum total of a few posts – a few devotionals, a couple recipes and some Biblical health articles – and that was about it. Our website expenses were super low because we had virtually no traffic, and I remember how excited I was to see that we had 100 views one day!

Then… next thing you know, things started to blow up (in a good way!) as word spread about the growing number of Devotionals, Inspirational images, Biblical Health Articles, Essential Oils DatabaseDIY Posts and Food Recipes we have literally been working around to clock to produce. Today, we get more than 500,000 views per month on our website, have a small devoted crew of 8 people and our website expenses have grown exponentially.

To put this into perspective for those not in the blogging world:

  1. In 2014, website hosting was $20/month because of the relatively few number of people that visited
  2. Today, website hosting is $400/month!
  3. In 2014, sending emails to my email was FREE because of the relatively few number of people on my newsletter.
  4. Today, sending emails to my 150,000+ newsletter list costs nearly $600/month! Just to send emails!! Still can't believe it!
  5. So, it costs just $1000 just to have my website and newsletter up and running, and this doesn't count the infinite number of other fees that we have to pay to offer the resources that we do for FREE to the world – not to mention the administration, legal and payroll costs that go with any.

By sharing in my growing website expenses, you will be supporting freedom of speech in an era where more and more doctors and health care providers are being censored. Also, I commit to not post gaudy ads on my website like so many do for profit. Note that all announcement banners on my website are to promote work that I personally am part of or support. You're NOT going to see those horribly inappropriate images on most of the websites that I see nowadays. EVERYthing on is curated to be family-friendly and Biblical health focused.

If You've Been Ministered To…

In no way shape or form is this intended to be a guilt trip. The personal benefit that I receive from my ministry is nothing that I take for granted, and it has provided for the needs of my family. Still, I get people all the time asking us for more. More articles, specific protocols, more recipes, more DIY tips, more devotionals, more images, more, more, more… This lets me know that people need and want the FREE Biblical health resources that we are creating, and we need to hire more people to keep with the demand.

If it is within your financial means to do so, I humbly ask you to partner with me in this ministry. If you're one of the many people that have emailed me or sent a message us on our various Facebook pages about how much we have helped you experience the Abundant Life, I would like to thank you (once again) for your support. It means the world to Mama Z, our team and I to see that our work has truly made a difference in the world.

How Your Support Ministers to People

These are just a FEW of the many testimonials we receive about how this Biblical health ministry has helped changed people's lives!

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Rolling Out in 2017

My poor team. They seriously are saints. I have no idea how they keep up with the never-ending ideas that God gives me for this ministry. I'm not kidding, it's non-stop inspiration – especially after I drink my matcha green latte! 😉

We're currently working on several awesome projects including:

  1. FREE Biblical Health Membership Program
  2. Biblical Health Bible Study (book and video series)
  3. Biblical Health Church Tour
  4. FREE Essential Oils Revolution Membership Program
  5. And a revamp of the entire website to make it much more customizable and user-friendly for YOU!

As you can see, we're staying very busy and need financial partners (Biblical Health Ambassadors) to help fund these projects!

Become a Biblical Health Ambassador

As a special thank you for helping carry the financial burden of this website, it'd be my honor you with a special gift.

In addition to being part of our new private Facebook community where we'll be rolling out special Q & A's, free stuff and other goodies, you will receive…

  1. For a one-time gift of $20 – $99, you will receive a FREE digital copy of either Heal Your Gut with Essential Oils or Using God's Medicine for the Abundant Life: An Evidence-Based Approach to Essential Oils.
  2. For a one-time gift of over $100 or more, you will receive a signed copy of either book.
  3. For a monthly commitment of $20 or more, you will receive signed copies of both books and will get exclusive access to an upgraded membership for the Biblical Health and Essential Oils Revolution Memberships when they launch soon!
If you can't help financially, your prayers are just as valuable to us. As our ministry grows, we are in continued need of God's direction and your prayers help us in more ways than you can imagine!

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Please note that your donation is NOT tax deductible because is not a 501c-3. I own a for profit business.

According to the legal counsel I have received, the reason I do not have a nonprofit is to maintain my 1st Amendment right for freedom of speech. If I owned a government-regulated non-profit, I wouldn't be able to share life-transforming information with you uncensored.