In this podcast I'm sharing a segment on thriving in survival mode. I just officially got through a very long season where I was just literally surviving.

This happens to people. For me, it was about six and a half years. For other people, it could be a month. Other people, it could be decades. Some people, they never get out of it. But it gets to a point where, you know what? You just lose control of your schedule. You're just, in a sense, a victim of your circumstances.

You can be thriving in survival mode

Zielinski family

And you forget what it's like being more than a conqueror, where you lose balance. And I did. I did at the cost of getting my doctorate. I did at the cost of raising my family at the expense of, let's say, my own health at times. And you know what? I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world because it was a worthwhile experience. And I want to share about that.

I want to share what it's like being in survival mode, maybe what it's like being in transition, how to get out, how to just survive. What's that look like? How not to beat yourself up. How not to allow depression or anxiety to settle in because, you know what? You're not just where you want to be. But that's fine, that's fine for a season or two.

Show Notes

  • 2:09 Dr. Z shares his experience of being in survival mode for literally years on end
  • 6:36 Dr. Z describes the process of coming out of survival mode and what the journey has been like for him
  • 7:56 Are you in transition mode? Discover what Eric has learned about being in transition mode and then coming out on the other side
  • 13:19 Dr. Z gives advice to those who are in survival mode right now
  • 16:09 Has something become dangerous to your walk with the Lord? Dr. Z gives insight on what to do about it
  • 19:33 Do you feel stuck? Dr. Z shares how to address it
  • 21:34 Discover the power of just doing what you can do until you're out of survival mode
  • 23:52 Episode wrap-up about thriving in survival mode

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