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Today I'm featuring an interview I did with Dr. Michael Haley, who is one of our sponsors for the Gut Health Summit. It's virtually impossible to be healthy and to enjoy the abundant life if you have a dysfunctional gut on multiple levels. We can see through the research that the gut is connected to almost every disease, including cancer. Dr. Mike and I dig into this a little bit because he brings an interesting spin to this whole conversation. He also owns an aloe vera company and will tell us a little bit about that journey and how to use aloe to heal.

About Dr Michael Haley

Dr Michael Haley on using aloe to healI met Dr. Mike at the Truth About Cancer Charity Gala in Nashville. Dr. Mike has been featured on the quest for the cures documentaries, and he's just a wealth of information, not only for using aloe to heal, but for natural remedies as a whole. So you're going to learn all about aloe, its history, how to use it internally and externally. He owns a company called Stockton Aloe. And you can check him out at

Show Notes

  • 0:35 Learn how to register for the January 2016 Heal Your Gut Summit
  • 5:55 Dr. Mike's journey with discovering the miraculous regenerative powers of aloe vera
  • 10:23 The basics of aloe; plus what you probably didn't know about ingredients lists
  • 13:00 How Stockton Aloe is harvested and prepared in order to deliver aloe vera products of the highest efficacy and standards
  • 16:02 Find out why Dr. Mike says aloe vera is like love
  • 18:20 Learn about why different aloe tastes different
  • 20:59 Aloe juice vs. aloe gel: what's the difference?
  • 22:53 The ingredients to watch out for when reading labels on aloe vera products
  • 26:11 The truth about pasteurization and why pasteurized products may actually be more dangerous
  • 29:17 The real cost for high-quality, unpasteurized products 32:47 How aloe can play a critical role in gut health
  • 35:58 How aloe benefits the immune system
  • 39:15 The Charlie story: you won't want to miss this one!
  • 42:57 How your overall health directly impacts your gut health
  • 45:40 A message of hope for you

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