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Essential Oils for Blood Sugar Synergy

Blood Sugar Balancing Body Oil

Can essential oils be used to manage blood sugar levels? Research says they can! This is great news for diabetics who struggle daily with inconsistent blood sugar levels.  Essential Oils for ...

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Healing Lemon Oil Cooler

Healing Lemon Oil Cooler

Lemon essential oil has some great detoxing and healing properties, and combined with some fresh orange juice, frozen pineapple and mango, and a little stevia you can make a refreshing, healing ...

Mama Z's DIY Tips

essential oil neuropathy blend

Diabetic Neuropathy Massage Oil

Many diabetics suffer from neuropathy and I'm asked a lot about essential oils for neuropathy. This blend is great for combatting these painful symptoms and the light massage used to apply ...


Top 20 Bible Verses About Rest

With high ambitions, dreams, and goals, we – as Americans, tend to be over-worked and under-rested. Proper rest, however, plays a significant role in living the Abundant Life! Without adequate relaxation ...

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