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uses for coconut oil

Top 25 Coconut Oil Uses

By Dr. Z at Better Way Health There are literally hundreds of ways to implement coconut oil into your natural health regimen, and of this “Top 25” list, we’re certain that you’ll find at ...

Exercise & Fitness

Tai Chi_Stress

Tai Chi for Stress

By Dr. Z at Motion Health TV Stress kills. In fact, it’s the number one killer in the world. It has been linked to every disease process known to science and ...

Food & Nutrition

dangers of farm raised food

The Dangers of Farm-Raised Food

By Dr. Z at Better Way Health Farm raised food has gotten a bad rap lately, and for good reason. Whether we’re talking about beef, pork or fish any living creature taken out of ...

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Natural Supplements

The Amazing Benefits of Beta Glucan

The Amazing Benefits of Beta Glucan

By Dr. Z at Better Way Health Ever wonder why medical doctors recommend eating oatmeal to prevent cardiovascular disease? It’s all about heart healthy soluble fiber. Found in barely, beans, fruits, lentils, oat bran, ...

Natural Therapies

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

By Dr. Z & Dr. B.J. Hardick Obesity is on the rise, and marketing is always on its heels with the next fad that can be sold to desperate consumers. A new way to lose ...